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CocktoCock Stories Volume 1

Much of male erotic activity is unspoken, unrecorded, unacknowledged. A man's sexuality can be entirely fluid and disposable ... it is by nature opportunistic ... by instinct ... curious. Not the rigid role play attached to a self-fashioned sexual identity we are encouraged to believe it is.

Cocktocock, man-to-man frottage ... these terms are about to explode into everyday Gay parlance. Tired of being pigeon holed as 'one kind of gay' or 'the other', an increasingly vocal group of men are offering an alternative exposition of sex and sensuality between males. An erotic interaction between equals, one that replaces the paradigm of emasculation, with horny dicktodick pleasure.

Cocktocock Stories Volume 1 and those that follow provide juice and flow to the cocktocock debate. These stories are in essence a slice of time ... a glimpse into the lives and desires of the characters. Written as 'spoken stories', they are direct, evocative, sensual and engaging.Some untold tales, fiction from what we are often told is "fictitious" ... in the end it is for the reader to decide. I tell the stories, as I know them.

Martin Finn

CocktoCock Stories Volume 2

Packed with elemental thrills of phallus to phallus sex. Cocktocock is a powerful universal symbol (genital - genital) of intimacy. As modus orgasmi cocktocock is a topic charged with primal resonance ... it stirs deep-seated instinctual responses.

This approach to erotic fiction rejects fetishism and formulations, ... instead relying on a narrative throbbing with lightening strike sexual entanglements. In these scenarios sex and lovemaking is painted onto the page proudly in terms of flawed equals. Man to man ... male to male ... unapologetically overwriting conventional sex role psychologies and consumerist notions of multiple, disposable physical transactions. Sex as an existential impact event, forms the core of these stories; horny, vibrant tales of fulfilling sensuality between men unencumbered by anal hegemony.

Martin Finn

Cocktocock - One Offs

Is a collection of erotic short stories pasted into a collage of explicit narratives pulsing with vivid representations of lived lust. As the storyteller passes through varied all male or masculine vicinities, either as a character or eloquent raconteur, he emotes in layered textual images and impressions, an aphrodisiac sourced in the raw excitement of unlooked for male2male sexual encounters ... One Offs.

Extraordinary sexual events, in everyday, even workaday spaces have become common currency for lusty myths and fantasies. Similarly; Construction men, Military guys, Wrestlers, Cowboys, these masculinities are not an uncommon theme in contemporary gay erotic fiction. Here, cocktocock scenarios elucidate sex among and with said types ... revealing a pact of physical permissions, an acknowledgement of mutual desire, reassurance before a bold step ... no guarantee of mutual satisfaction ... and some degree of danger.

2005, cocktocock sex is placed firmly in the realms of the possible, observable and desirable for many gay identified men. For men who sometimes like sex with men ... a conceivable foray into homo Eros. COCKTOCOCK throbs with auto suggestion to males who come across it ... recognise a way of knowing in the written sign ... intuit through the spoken expression powerful chords of latent desire ... to others it reveals the distinctiveness of their sexual outlook.

Martin Finn

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